what the present is

hey I'm trey edwards and I share what the present is
hey i’m trey edwards and i share what the present is

the present is

open communication
personal development

what is open communication?
open communication is

being in the moment
encouraging positive thoughts
giving initial trust
asking questions
actively listening to others … and ourselves

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here’s what others are saying about
the present is / trey edwards

“Wow! Where can I start with Trey Edwards and The Present Is? Trey helps you help yourself. During the process, you choose your objective, and Trey helps you experience what is outside (and within) yourself and experience another perspective with your thoughts and the words you use. With Trey as your peer, you go through six key areas. Trey will sometimes “call you out” on words and phrases, that you may not even realize you are saying, to evaluate if there are other words which will better relay your message.

For me, a key phrase was, “It is what it is”, which initially I was taking as a negative. Now the phrase has turned 180 degrees to a complete positive experience. I have gained more confidence in speaking with others, and realize the power of letting go of some facets of my life, and adding multifaceted additions which can help me experience a more powerful direction. Help yourself by talking more with Trey on how the experience of The Present Is would benefit you!
• Lane Dockstader

“Spending an hour with Trey helped me see how my language and thoughts were limiting me. He reframed my fears in such a way that I walked away feeling much more confident and capable. It was such a subtle but powerful shift. I look forward to many more sessions with Trey. I know they will enhance my self awareness and draw out the power I already possess within.”
• Heather Gibson

“Trey is a very insightful example. He helped me see that my thinking was based on quite a few assumptions. I had some breakthroughs while working with him. He caused me to question my definition of several words. Learning his definitions of those words expanded my view. My favorite thing about Trey Edwards is how positive he is about me. He tells me how great I am all the time and is constantly mentioning it to the people we associate with. I feel that anyone could benefit from working with Trey.”
• Curtis Swenson

“You can always count on Trey to be the positivity and level headed side of any situation. He has always been there when I have needed a healthy dose of “the present” – I love working with Trey Edwards and If you are looking for someone as a personal coach or a public speaking partner, then I would have to say Trey is one of the best. We have enjoyed having Trey at our events and look forward to many more with him.”
• Angela Waterbury

“Mind blown in minutes. Mastering the skill of happiness and living in the now. My meeting was life changing.”
• C. Elizabeth Duncan

“Trey is so phenomenal and insightful! He has the ability to see you for your true and authentic self and without judgement which gives you the permission to be in the present… when you are truly able to live fully. He knows that you are only motivated by what makes you, YOU. He just gets it. The past is in the past, the future hasn’t happened yet, but the present is… whatever you make it.”
• Angie Mattison

“Trey is selfless and caring. I recommend him as a human being with a strong sense of integrity and unconditional love.”
• Dr. Omar Arrieta

“I have known Trey for a few years now and have worked with him as a client and now as a guest on his podcast. Trey is a quality person who understands how to create change from the inside-out. I would recommend his methods and his great personality to any one.”
• Corey Nielsen

“Trey thank you for developing this amazing program. I feel like I have more quality in my life as a mother and as a professional. I am grateful for you and our relationship.”
• Adona Swanner

“Trey came and worked with my team this past weekend. I am forever grateful for the love, compassion, and understanding that he gave us. He truly cares about those he works with and wants everyone to succeed. I appreciate the fact that as he teaches, he remains open to allow the events to unfold in a way that most benefits those he is working with. My team cannot wait for our next session with him. Thank you again, Trey! You are a true gift!”
• Shantel Reitz

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