the present is realize personal power through self worth

hey I’m Trey Edwards and I help realize personal power through self-worth
I just love saying that but even more I love knowing it because it’s not something that I have always known
before I started working on my own personal development there were many times in my life where it felt like something was missing and I just didn’t know what it was it was just missing like I was living without something and if I could only find it well then I’d be happy
what I eventually recognized was that it wasn’t what I was living without it’s how I am living within that’s the difference that’s self-worth
so I started asking myself questions and I listened to my answers I started figuring out what it was that I wanted to learn and how I wanted to live
this has created a love for myself and for others that continues to grow and I choose to share it and you can choose to learn it if you want
so if you do you can connect with me on my website or through social media
until then remember
open your present
layaway your future
donate your past



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