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“Wow! Where can I start with Trey Edwards and The Present Is? Trey helps you help yourself. During the process, you choose your objective, and Trey helps you experience what is outside (and within) yourself and experience another perspective with your thoughts and the words you use. With Trey as your peer, you go through six key areas. Trey will sometimes ‘call you out’ on words and phrases, that you may not even realize you are saying, to evaluate if there are other words which will better relay your message.

“For me, a key phrase was, ‘It is what it is’, which initially I was taking as a negative. Now the phrase has turned 180 degrees to a complete positive experience. I have gained more confidence in speaking with others, and realize the power of letting go of some facets of my life, and adding multifaceted additions which can help me experience a more powerful direction. Help yourself by talking more with Trey on how the experience of The Present Is would benefit you!”

• Lane Dockstader

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