team building

here’s how I can help you help yourself … and others

team building
“trust has us within”

recover your understanding of open communication and initial trust
recognize you are not alone with your thoughts, actions and reactions
realize connections that can grow into encouraging relationships with others
… and yourself

offering multiple interactive trainings that encourage open communication and connection for the group as well as the individual … topics include

change and value

letting go of everything

trust and expectations

communication and language

connections and influences

time and experiences

inspiration and motivation

questions and self worth

“Trey came and worked with my team this past weekend. I am forever grateful for the love, compassion, and understanding that he gave us. He truly cares about those he works with and wants everyone to succeed. I appreciate the fact that as he teaches, he remains open to allow the events to unfold in a way that most benefits those he is working with. My team cannot wait for our next session with him. Thank you again, Trey! You are a true gift!”
• Shantel Reitz

variable pricing*

(*based on location, size of group, and length of event)

trainings for groups of 2-25 individuals (larger groups can be setup in separate groups up to 25 or choose motivational speaking for larger groups

for more information
connect with trey@thepresentis

call or text for a free consultation


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