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motivational speaking
“there is no motivation without motion”

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The first thing I say when I speak at a motivational event is …

“Hey I’m Trey Edwards and I share what the present is.”

Then I say …

“Allow yourself not to be ‘motivated’ by my speaking.”


Like many of you, I have read, heard, and seen many motivational speakers in order to find a way to change or grow. Each one presented powerful ways to improve myself and my situation, but admittedly their ways were short lived. The problem? I was working on “their ways” to be motivated. This would eventually not work for me, I would write them off, and then look for another … and another … and another.

Now, let’s take a look at the word “motivated.” And let’s explore other words like “excited”, “interested”, “shared”, and “moved.” Do you notice what these words have in common? Yes, they all are expressions of action or reaction, but do you recognize they are all in the past tense? How often do you hear someone say “I am excited” and accept it as a past tense word attempting to express a present moment?

Past tense words belong in the past.

So how can we change this now?

The intention of sharing motivation is not to be “motivated”, but to be “motivating”.

“I have motivation”
“I find it motivating”
“This is motivating”
“I am motivating”

Yes, it feels foreign (even weird) saying it this way but we have much more practice focusing on in the past than being in the present. Think about it, and listen to how many times you use a past tense word to describe yourself now. You may be “surprised” … no, I mean you may “find it surprising.”

Allow yourself to not be “motivated.” Allow yourself to find motivation and do something with it … be motivating!!

I’m grateful that you “listened” … I mean that you are “listening.”

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