life coaching

here’s how I can help you help yourself

life coaching
“mend begins with me”

remove self-doubt thoughts and self-defeating language
recognize the influences on your thoughts, actions and reactions
realize personal power through self worth

Connect 1-2-1 (in person or phone/video call) for 6 personal development sessions. During each session we will openly discuss 1 of 6 Core Areas (Intellectual, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Philosophical and Physical), along with the positive and negative influences and effects of each.

These Core Areas are the keys to understanding ourselves; learning what, how, and why we think, act and react the way we do … and how change can be simple.

life coaching

6 core area in person or phone/video calls

individual pricing available
what’s your self worth ?

“Trey is a very insightful example. He helped me see that my thinking was based on quite a few assumptions. I had some breakthroughs while working with him. He caused me to question my definition of several words. Learning his definitions of those words expanded my view. My favorite thing about Trey Edwards is how positive he is about me. He tells me how great I am all the time and is constantly mentioning it to the people we associate with. I feel that anyone could benefit from working with Trey.”
• Curtis Swenson

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