inspirational listening

here’s how I can help you help yourself

inspirational listening
“find action in distraction”
sharing insight and understanding from “mend begins with me” life coaching

remove self-doubt thoughts and self-defeating language
recognize the influences on your thoughts, actions and reactions
realize personal power through self worth

simply an open communication connection (in person or phone/video call); realizing being in the moment, encouraging positive thoughts, giving initial trust, asking questions, and actively listening to others … and ourselves.

inspirational listening

in person or phone/video calls

individual pricing available
what’s your self worth ?

“Spending an hour with Trey helped me see how my language and thoughts were limiting me. He reframed my fears in such a way that I walked away feeling much more confident and capable. It was such a subtle but powerful shift. I look forward to many more sessions with Trey. I know they will enhance my self awareness and draw out the power I already possess within.”
• Heather Gibson

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