change can be simple

hey I’m Trey Edwards and there’s
something that I know and I love to
share this with others
change can be simple
the thing is for me to figure
this out I did start by taking a look at
I wanted to remember
everything that I could all the
experiences the good and the bad I felt
it was important for me to go through
this so I could figure out how and why
it had such an effect on me
and that wasn’t easy it was overwhelming
like I was facing this wall that I
created and I couldn’t get through it I
couldn’t get around it and I definitely
couldn’t get over it
I also feared it because there was so
much in there that I did not want to
think about again there were so many bad
experiences that I did not want to
relive but for some reason I was holding
on to them and I was holding on to them
with the good experiences and I kept
that with me wherever I went I didn’t
always recognize it but it was always
there and it put pressure on me even
though I tried to resist then I
remembered a positive thought that I
created for myself
resistance comes from pressure
acceptance comes from release
so I thought can I just accept the fact
this wall is here and as soon as I did a
part of the wall did release and then I
recognized what I was really doing was I
was holding on to these experiences from
my past and they did not belong in my
present moment but I didn’t have to go
and go through all those experiences I
could just choose to accept them and let
them go and let them be in the past even
the good ones because if they were that
important to me by being in the present
moment they could come back to me and I
could choose to have them be a part of a
new wall and this new wall that I’ve
created I can get over it any time that
I choose and I’ve put a door in it and I
can open that door when I choose to be
open and I can close that door when I
choose to be closed
and that one simple change knowing that
it didn’t have to go through everything
but I can just choose to accept it and
let it go that one simple change has
made the difference so I know that
change can be simple and I’ve shared
this with others and they have let me
know that it’s made a difference for
them and for that I’m grateful so if you
want to know more you can simply connect
with me on my website and through social
media and until then remember
open your present
layaway your future
donate your past



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